The partners at Buty & Curliano have a lengthy track record of successfully litigating various toxic tort cases throughout California The firm’s accomplishments are the result of developing a strategic defense from the inception of the case through trial and, if necessary, appeal. With an in-depth understanding of the client’s business, the attorneys at Buty & Curliano develop a defense based upon the unique facts of the case. Toxic tort experts developed by the firm then apply their understanding of the toxicology, pharmacokinetics and epidemiology of the specific toxin to their evaluation of the claimed injury. The science behind the case often defines the verdict or outcome on a motion for summary judgment.

The ‘toxins’ alleged to have caused injury in toxic tort cases handled by the firm include: asbestos, benzene, silica, latex, lead, beryllium, printing inks, epoxies, PCBs, solvents and pharmaceuticals. These toxins are often attributed to ‘sick building syndrome’, indoor air quality, or the toxins encountered at construction work sites, in consumer products, landfills, manufacturing facilities, or during a general environmental release.

The firm represents a wide range of defendants from property owners to manufacturers, contractors, supply houses and small businesses involving government investigations, corporate compliance, regulatory requirements, and multi-party/multi-district litigation.